About Us

Hello and welcome to our website. Want to know more about us and what kind of humans are we? Then keep reading.

We are Ilija and Zorana, and the decision not to work from 9 to 5, accompanied by our resignations and the desire to pursue our dreams, allowed us to work from the comfort of our home. Business associates and life partners who, through years of experience, have learned to separate private and business life, realizing that the key lies in meaningful breaks and good organization. We are located in Serbia, but apart from locals, we cooperate with the whole world.

What we offer is website creation and graphic design services (logo design, promotional materials, packaging, material for social media, and stationery design such as planners, journals, to-do lists, calendars, etc.).

We strive toward easy communication, understanding client’s needs, and creating everything to fit those needs, but above all else creating a product that will give value. Our ideal clients are entrepreneurs, small businesses, and family-owned businesses because we feel that is the place where our skills will have the most impact. Our style reflects simplicity and practicality, although we turn to a more relaxed and cheerful style when the project allows it – colorful drawings and sketches. We aim to improve our knowledge with every project and have a happy client with a product worth being proud of.

In her free time, as a passion project, Zorana creates illustrations available on her Society6 and RedBubble stores. She finds inspiration in everyday life, seasons, and the world. If you are interested you can check them out here for Society6 and here for RedBubble, or if you would like to give your support, check out her IG profile.

Ilija likes to relax by playing video games, but because he is a very social person spending time with friends and family is primary to him.

Together we dream to travel the planet and get to know the culture and people in different corners of the world. Slowly, they are making plans to transform that dream into reality.