Artisan Aprons: Crafting an Authentic Brand Identity

Project goal

Addressing the design challenge for Nidore Living Aprons involved aligning the brand with the preferences and values of its target demographic. Focused on women aged 25-55 in urban and suburban areas with a passion for sustainable products, the opportunity was to create a visual identity that not only met the functional demands of aprons for crafting, cooking, and more but also resonated with their lifestyle. This encompassed embracing a rustic and natural aesthetic, integrating elements of Scandinavian and Japandi styles, and emphasizing eco-friendliness and simplicity in living.


For the Nidore Living project, I created a design solution centered around a minimalistic depiction of the Anemone flower, a wildflower known for symbolizing relaxation and the importance of seizing opportunities in the present. The choice of the Anemone aligns seamlessly with the brand’s character, serving as a gentle reminder for individuals to enjoy the moment.

The primary color palette, with a focus on sage green, was a deliberate selection. Sage green, associated with nature, tranquility, and balance, embodies the essence of growth and harmony. Its symbolic attributes align with the brand’s commitment to sustainability and a natural way of living. The color promotes a sense of calmness, relaxation, and renewal, reflecting Nidore Living’s dedication to offering products that harmonize with both the environment and the wearer’s lifestyle. Additionally, sage green conveys freshness, sophistication, and a profound connection to the natural world, further enhancing the brand’s visual identity.

Logo for Nidore Living
Models wearing the aprons
Thank you cards and stickers
Mini brand style guide